Local claim campaigns: casualisation & gender pay

UCU is stepping up our work to close the gender pay gap and challenge the use of casual contracts in higher education.

The national union is building profile on these issues among students and the wider public, and this increases the pressure on universities to come to the bargaining table where a growing number of UCU branches are achieving real success.

We want more branches to engage with this strategy. A local campaign can be built around the tabling of local claims on gender pay and casualisation.

1. Develop the claim

How to write claims

UCU have developed several helpful guides to assist you with writing your own claims. Click on the links below to access these documents.

Advice on lodging claims

Casualisation guide

Gender pay guide

Pay audit template

Casualisation template















Claim resources

Use our Rate for the Job online tool to find out more about pay at your institution. This includes calculating what the gender pay gap may be locally, and the number of your staff on insecure contracts. The tool is an excellent source of information for branches campaigning in these areas.

Rate for the Job data tool

Casualisation data tool








2. Develop the campaign

The more people who join the union in your workplace, the more successful your campaign is likely to be. Strong membership numbers have greater credibility with management and improve your ability to identify the issues that are deeply and widely felt with staff. You will also gain a wider pool of potential volunteers to assist the branch committee with campaign activities.

Examples of successful campaigns

UCU at Queen’s University Belfast are pushing the university to take action to close its gender pay gap. You can support them by signing this petition here.

Planning resources

Campaign planning

Campaign checklist

Workplace mapping

Recruitment stalls








Recruitment resources

Hourly paid leaflet

Research staff leaflet

Hourly staff survey

Customisable leaflet