This web site is designed to help you, our branch officers and representatives, to build our union at branch and local association level.

UCU is a democratic organisation reliant to a large degree on the large-scale participation of its volunteer members. How effective we are as an industrial force and professional body, protecting our members, depends on how well our participatory structures work.

  • Do we have enough local representatives?
  • Are members able to get involved in raising the profile of the union locally?
  • Are our branches communicating effectively with their members?
  • Are members coming to branch meetings?
  • Are members participating in elections and ballots?

The answers to all these questions determine how much our employers – and the government – listen to us.

That’s why the union has put in place a series of new initiatives to help build our union:

  • a drive to recruit new members to offset the effects of the government’s cuts to post-secondary education.
  • a drive to recruit new local department or workplace representatives, to ensure that UCU branches are healthy at the most local possible level
  • a drive to ensure that our branches are equipped with the resources and skills necessary to ensure the maximum possible engagement in branch life from their members

On this website, we will feature all our latest advice and guidance to branches, alongside all the examples of good and inspiring practice that we know is already happening.

Recent posts

Recruitment activity: ideas from across the union

Trying out new recruitment activities is a great way to boost membership, keep things fresh in your branch and bring in new activists with different skills and interests. Ahead of the next national recruitment week we thought you might find it useful to see some examples of what other branches have been up to in…

Unions: the next generation

Maisy a school student from Beaumont School, Hertfordshire, visited UCU headquarters for the day to find out more about trade unions as part of her ‘workshadow’ placement. As the visit coincided with International Women’s Day she was able to learn about our campaign to close the gender pay gap in universities and colleges and the role…

Local contacts making the difference at Manchester

University of Manchester UCU have seen a big upturn in activism over the last year thanks to some fantastic organising and membership engagement. University of Manchester UCU branch organiser Fiona Campbell lets us in on the secrets of their success. – We’d been having difficulties getting members along to branch meetings, which was making things…

Building UCU at North Hertfordshire College

Branch reps are involving members at North Hertfordshire College in an excellent campaign to encourage more staff to join. Every member has been issued with a pack of materials (pens, badges, leaflets etc) and asked to invite at least three colleagues to join. The branch had previously sent a welcome letter to staff telling them…